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  1. Your SteamID (https://steamcommunity.com/id/TenzinLungtok/): Players SteamID (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198434431303): What are you reporting him/her for? He got salty because I (not exagerating) destroyed him. He was clearly low-skilled (new to the game) and i've never seen him before in the AWP server. Claimed i was 'spawncamping' and cried after every death. Eventually managed to get other salty guys to votekick me for no f. reason. He started calling me out for cheating 2 rounds before. I know you got money from him but he's just using it to votekick. He doesn't use VIP skins, knives anything. Data & Time of event: 04/02/2018 13:40 Brussels,Paris,Amsterdam Evidence: (https://imgur.com/xOSxl7h):
  2. ACCEPTED Trex's mod application

  3. CLOSED Ghost Admin

    okay thanks, anyways downloaded xsplit gamerecorder, next time i'll have some videoprove of these c*nts.
  4. CLOSED Ghost Admin

    other admins should be able to also
  5. CLOSED Ghost Admin

    A way to make admins come in the server unnoticed so cheaters won't stop cheating once they see the HUGE announcement that a Staff member is online. Like seriously, even a cheater is smart enough to stop cheating when a admin enters. Actually why does that have to be such a huge deal when a staff enters? makes absolutely no sense to me. Ohterwise love the servers but i come across alot of cheaters because the anti-cheat system is bollocks.