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  1. CLOSED Mod/admin

    Good application Kyle Thanks for submitting I'll give it another read over and get back to you after a decision has been made.
  2. CLOSED Mod/admin

    Hello kyle. I don't mean to be rude but please delete this application get the application template and fill it out properly In Game Name: Discord ID: SteamID: Age: Time zone: Playtime on CSGO: Playtime on XGC Servers: Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Past Experiences: Why should we accept you?
  3. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    Hey buddy! This is a really good application I will have to get back to you later after I have thought about everything Thank you for the time you spent submitting this application I will get back to you shortly.
  4. ACCEPTED Hv^'s Application

    Im Sorry to say I don't think you quite fit the bill for the Xeno Gaming Community staff team seeing as you have no experience with being a staff member of any kind let alone for a bigger community like Xeno
  5. CLOSED Anxrchyx's Mod Application

    Hey dude Im sorry to say but after reviewing your application I must inform you that we will not be requiring you as a staff member. Some of theses reasons I wish not to disclose with you but for the ones I am willing to I will do my best to put it across 1:You don't have a lot of hours I don't personally believe that 923 hours is enough to be staffing a server Like you did mention there are alot of players on the servers that are highly skilled with alot of hours and I don't believe you would be able to distinguish between a talented player or a cheater seeing as some cheaters are really good at hiding it. 2:For some of your reasons to sort out disputes you have listed that you would not punish racism straight away that sort of behaviour is not to be accepted in the Xeno Gaming Community I would like to personally thank you for submitting your application as it was nice to read and Im sorry you didn't make the cut.
  6. ACCEPTED Cramer Staff Application

    Very nice
  7. ACCEPTED cLu's Staff Application

    Welcome to the staff Team ! After careful consideration we have decided to make you a Moderator for Xeno Gaming Community Rules you must follow: Respect your fellow and superior staff members if an admin tells you to do something you follow without question. we will never tell you to do something that will cause harm to yourself or the community so 100% Trust is required. At all times you will respect the fact you are lucky enough to be selected on the staff team and not use your powers for abuse and remembering your time on the servers isn't yours as long as you are online you will be expected to respond to someone in need of a staff member. If you fail to follow these rules or use your powers to disrespect/abuse the community you will be stripped of your abilities and banned from the servers we expect you'll follow these rules as everybody else does. And of course welcome to the Team
  8. CLOSED Staff application

    Hey mate. So after some deep thought over this application as you can tell. I have come to the conclusion I will have to decline it. Although most of your actions are in line with what we believe that doesn't mean all of them are my advice spend some more time playing on the servers spending the time with the community then come back to us and submit a new application . Thank you
  9. CLOSED Staff application

    and what would that youtube/stream be ?
  10. CLOSED Staff application

    Hey Buddy. Thank you for the time spent putting this application together it was a pleasure to read however I do have a question for you if you don't mind 1)Do you have any one whom can back up what you are saying regarding your experience and whom were these youtubers/streamers As of what you would do in the scenario of a cheating I don't think you quite understand our no tolerance for cheaters In the case of a cheater being found there would be no second chance unlike our other penalties a lot like valve in fact "No one likes a cheater" Also I personally think that your hours on the servers need to be a litter more to be on well terms with those of the community earn some respect and affection among the community.
  11. ACCEPTED Broke-n's Application Form

    Hey Buddy ! Your application is very well put together so thank you for the time you spent typing it up. as of your Scenarios I personally believe you'd make a very good addition to the Xeno Community staff team However before a final decision is made I'd like to know you a little bit more. How would you describe yourself as a person ?
  12. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Since I've answered your question I think its only fair you answer mine....... How many months In a year have 28 days ?
  13. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Hey I'd just like to apologise for the poor grammar and spelling I wasn't paying too much attention to that I hope you can understand
  14. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    In Game Name: AestheticJ Discord ID: AestheticJ#8021 SteamID: STEAM_1:0:117833693 Age: 17 Time zone: GMT Playtime on CSGO: 3020 Hours Playtime on XGC Servers: As a warm up every time I'm about to play Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? : A user using vulgar, Racist and/or Sexist behaviour. In this I would reactive with telling them to calm down there language or there will be a penalty given if they continue I would gag/mute them if they continue to disrupt in any other way it will result in a kick / ban (In severe cases) A second scenario would be a cheater I personally believe that cheating should not be an excusable offence and would be punished accordingly. Past Experiences: Admin for League as well as a few retake and FFADM servers Why should we accept you?: Since Im a very competitive person not only in the gym but also in cs it means I strive to be a better player meaning I spend alot of time training and warming up I spend atleast 2 hours a day in warmup/casual play on retake servers and would be very helpful come a issue on the servers. I am a very lovely person and love to talk to people make sure they are having a good day and will represent Xeno servers well if I am accepted