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  1. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Good application, i don't have any questions. Join our discord so we can get to know you.
  2. ACCEPTED Application

    Good application, hop on our discord so we can get to know you.

    Good looking application, but at your second scenario, giving them a warning before a mute is better. Also what would you do when someone isn't cheating obvious? Find your hours here: https://stats.xeno-gaming.co.uk/hlstats.php (click on the server you play on, then click player (here: http://prntscr.com/jh1ska), search your name).
  4. CLOSED Jodar ban appeal

    This what i see here isn't wallhack, if this is the only thing that happened you will get unbanned soon.
  5. ACCEPTED Staff application

    Nice application, just hop on discord a few times so we can get to know you better. Good luck!
  6. CLOSED Unbann ☁ n u a g e s ☁

    I have seen some fishy plays aswell, but like @mono said the owner will decide if you get unbanned or not. But could you also promise me you wont be toxic or disrespectfull agianst player or staff members? Had to ban you twice already for not listening several times. Thanks.
  7. CLOSED Bøbby application

    Thanks for applying, but you need to have at least 24h on our servers before applying. Ill close this application right now and will re-open if you have the right amount of hours.
  8. ACCEPTED Mod Application Fury

    It is a good looking application, but what would you do if you are not sure if someone is cheating? Also i found your amount of hours on our servers, you have 1d 19:45:17h
  9. ACCEPTED SatsuJ Staff Application

    I see it is your second time applying and that you have the correct amount of hours needed! Don't have anything to say about this, good luck!
  10. CLOSED Nick's application

    Checked your hours, they are fine! http://prntscr.com/jehnh1 http://prntscr.com/jehnop http://prntscr.com/jehnvr http://prntscr.com/jeho3a
  11. ACCEPTED L0rex Reapply

    I see you applied for mod earlier. Also i see you got a good amount of hours right now! It is a good looking application, but in my eyes your hours a week on our servers are not that high. But maybe others will think different about that. Could you also still answer this question: What skills do you have that may contribute to our community? Don't have anything else to say about this, so good luck!
  12. CLOSED Nick's application

    Good looking application, but you say you got 15 hours and play 20 hours a week. So that means you only joined our community for less then a week? Also would like if you could add the correct steam ID instead or your steam URL (https://steamid.io/). And could you also link your smurf/other accounts? Also join our discord a few times so we could get to know you better! Good luck.
  13. ACCEPTED Staff Aplication

  14. CLOSED Staff Application

    I disagree with that, okey some people with no medals or full gold are cheating, but alot of them are also just good players or smurf accounts. You have to look at the small giveaways like how is their movement and his aim going together or what corners does he check. But checking profiles to see if they have a VAC ban or check their CS:GO profile if someone is fishy is not good at all. You can for sure look at that, but because of that you can't base if they 'might be' cheating.
  15. ACCEPTED Donny Staff Application

    Good looking application, just join discord some times so we can get to know you better! Good luck!