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  1. In-Game Name: JūSt|Ce Steam ID (Click Here): STEAM_0:0:228900590 Discord ID: #0891 Age: 14 (27/06/2003) Time Zone (GMT): utc+1 Region (UK or EU): EU but I play 2 on UK Playtime on CSGO: around 400 HRS Playtime on XGC Servers (Click here): Past Experiences: I had some moderation experiences on other games before (Minecraft etc) but on cs never. What are your typical hours per week on our servers?: Most of the time around 7-20 hr a week (It will be less when I have exams tho) Do you have a functioning microphone and/or headset? I have a functioning mic and I have the Astro a40 TR Detailed Questions: Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? First scenario: toxic and mic spamming. If a player trespasses a rule of mic spamming then I will first say to the person who trespassing the rule that it's not allowed and that they should stop immediately or it will result in a mute. If she/ he keeps spamming then I would mute him/her for 30 mins. If he/she keeps trespassing the rule I would double the last mute. Second scenario: Player is hacking Obvious. If a player hacks obviously I would first record and ask a higher staff member for the staff for the ban time. If there is no higher staff online at that moment I would ban for 1 day and in that time loop, higher staff will probably have responded. Then I would execute what the higher staff member asked. third: the player is hacking, not obvious. If I think that a player is hacking but I’m not sure I would record and ask another or higher staff member to join the server that he can give his opinion. If he/she is hacking I would ban him/her for the time that the other staff member says. What skills do you have that may contribute to our community? I have the ability to be online a lot on all platforms. I’m learning how to protect yourself and business against cyber criminals so I can give you guys a hand 2. I place the players and the community first so if this staff application would be denied then I wouldn't be mad and start to accuse everyone of random things. I would also try to improve the things that you guys say that were bad so I’m an open person to learning. If a staff member says that I need to improve in something then I will try my best to improve myself. I’m a lot online on Xeno and I want to friends with every non-hacker on the server. That probably means you 2 Greetings Arthur / JūSt|Ce
  2. VIP forums

    Hey, first of all I don't know if thus is the right place to post this so sorry if this is in the wrong place. Dear xeno staff. I haven't received my VIP rank on the forums. Greetings JüSt|Ce aka Arthur
  3. CLOSED Dizzy's Staff Application

    I think he has 17 days, Saw him earlier than this week already on xg
  4. UNDER REVIEW Staff apply

    You can see your playtime with. !Stats (Staff if you dont allow this message please contact me and I will remove my 💬)
  5. CLOSED Report Cleric

    Your SteamID (Click here): STEAM_0:0:228900590 Players SteamID (Click here): STEAM_0:0:204203361 What are you reporting him/her for? I'm reporting him for:spinbot,aimbot, some other's 2 maybe. He has a whole cheat client. Data & Time of event: 3/04/2018 9-10 am Evidence:
  6. CLOSED Noscope server.

    Okey, you Guys are beter than valve, they need to fix van first before other updates.
  7. CLOSED Noscope server.

    Hey dear friends. Moast of us like to do a NS battle but some don't. So an idea that isn't from me only is to make an server where you can only NS. Another Idea is that you might keep it on the main server but like do an !VoteNS or something like that, and that everyone can vote yes or no for no scope round. This has been asked by a part of de community so its not mainly my idea! I hope to see this soon if possible. Greetings from JūSt|Ce/ Arthur from Belgium 🇧🇪.