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  1. CLOSED hicksey

    Just saying i dont agree with this ban. people are allowed to name their weapons whatever thye want. same with their in game names or pictures, nothing we can do, its not our right to stop someone from playing cause of a nametag or cause they have a dogs gooch as their profile pick or whatever.
  2. CLOSED Staff Application

    Hi, thanks for applying. First off, I feel your hours are too low in CS:GO. This is important because you will lack the experience needed to tell a good player apart from a cheater. We can't have false bans being dished out as it ruins our relationship with the community. Secondly, you're only 15, while this usually wouldn't be a problem, combined with the low hours, it tells me you would not be mature enough in many scenarios to approach a toxic or cheating player appropriately. Furthermore, your explanation of how to handle 2 scenarios is too brief and you have only written for one scenario. The fact they're brief tells me you wouldn't know how to confidently and correctly handle the case. If you would still like to try for admin, consider joining our discord and talking there with us regularly so we can get to know you. It's hard to judge someone by a wall of text in a forum, so drop by sometime. We now do ten mans fairly regularly which is a good way to get to know us all. Thanks Aphix_
  3. CLOSED Mod

    I literally proved he doesnt have that many in comparison to others. and coming off as "harsh" isnt a good quality of a mod
  4. CLOSED Mod

    there goes your chance of getting mod Your hours arent even that high either http://stats.xeno-gaming.co.uk/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=3435 heres ur retake stats http://stats.xeno-gaming.co.uk/hlstats.php?mode=playerinfo&player=29282 heres ur executes stats Oh and btw, im surprised you dont know me considering i practically live on the servers. Also, lack of information on scenarios Finally, interact more with the discord community so we dont all think you're a dick from this one post
  5. CLOSED Unban appeal

    Let me jump in and remind these mods that I was too reported and banned for "walling" when in reality i was just entrying normally, checking positions as i would. while i didnt see anything myself, i would remind you that good entrying != cheating. if you got video evidence @Hv^ I'd like to see it
  6. CLOSED Mod

    Also past experiences? Playing with mods and admins doesnt count as past XP
  7. CLOSED Moderator application by XDLSD.

    When you can be bothered to write your own application and not steal off someone else's, come back. for now, im saying no
  8. UNDER REVIEW Chrona's Ban Appeal

    " since at the time I wasnt even cheating" So you're saying you do cheat, you just weren't right then. If you had the name of the admin, we could reference them and find out if they had proof. Also how has it taken you 3 months to appeal for a ban that happened last year?
  9. CLOSED broken smokes

    We are aware of the issue and are working on the fix. The servers will be down for maintenance tomorrow according to Scotty,so idk whether this'll be fixed there or not, but we are aware of it
  10. CLOSED Mod Application

    You have relatively low hours in CS would usually would tell me you'd be inexperienced in dealing with cheaters appropriately, but your explanation of the first scenario was solid where you said you'd ask for advice from another member of staff first. Your playtime is nice and high which is what we like, and I woudl recommend you continue to interact with us in the Discord so we can get to know you.
  11. CLOSED Moderator application.

    While your age shows you are (or should be) mature, your in game hours are quite low and thus, you lack the experience needed in order to recognise certain cheats or scripts. I also recommend you play more in the other servers we offer, and maybe just pop into discord every now and again so we can get to know you

    You got auto banned for having a duplicate account. It wasn't me who banned you, the server anti-cheat does it automatically. NT
  13. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    But thats what you claim to havein your original post.
  14. CLOSED Player Trolling

    Not much we can do with this information. Record evidence of it and give us full details including time of occurence, his steam ID and the server IP. Abd also, please follow the template given
  15. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    Would still like actual proof of how many hours you have. because i could easily say " i have more than 4 months of playtime" which is total horseshit as it's closer to a week and a half of FULL time