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  1. CLOSED Depi staff Re-app

    Put more effort in before I even bother to think about your applications. Diabolical.
  2. ACCEPTED Will's application

    Hi Will, Really nice application, Well written, Well presented and great use of scenario's. The little about me at the end was a nice touch. I haven't met you personally but you seem like a decent guy I look forward to meeting you at some point or even popping into our discord to play executes/retakes sometime. In response to your application leave it with us and I'll talk to who I need to and we'll get back to you with a response as soon as we can. Please bare with us on this we'll be as fast as we can. Come chat to us sometimes for sure.
  3. ACCEPTED Smrax staff application

    Decent applications, nice explanation of scenarios with the correct method taken in each situation. Seeking further advise or second opinion from a higher admin is also a good response something that I would advise doing to begin with while being a Mod if you are accepted. I haven't seen you on the servers as of yet but hope to see and speak to you soon. Seem decent enough as a person but I'd like to speak/play on the servers with you at some point. Scott will respond soon I imagine just adding my input for advice.<3
  4. CLOSED Admin/Mod KUBCER application

    You fail to mention any uses of the mute or gag commands for certain scenarios you head straight for the ban. Try be more constructive with you're answers as that's two applications now that have been very weak. Both applications will be declined this time around, however try again in a few months when you have played on the servers a little more and spoke to a few of the staff members so we can get to know you a little. Thanks for taking the time to apply & gl on the servers.
  5. ACCEPTED Cramer Staff Application

    Did you pass your English exam by any chance?
  6. ACCEPTED Aphix_ Admin Application

    Dunno never seen or heard of you before.
  7. ACCEPTED Aphix_ Admin Application

    HAHAHHA you're dumb your not getting admin now n if you do I'll ban you kid. Toxic twat.
  8. ACCEPTED Aphix_ Admin Application

    If you say so.
  9. ACCEPTED Aphix_ Admin Application

    You stopped cheating now?