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  1. ACCEPTED Ban Madspecs

    Consider this accepted, thankyou for being cooperative with staff. Please keep disrespectful actions to a minimum. You can look up the rules here: Accepted and moved.
  2. USP Only

    I like the idea of this a lot. I'd like for Xeno to expand into deathmatch servers also but it depends on the cost and if people will genuinely be interested.
  3. CLOSED !knife

    Unequip your own knife in your inventory. Ensure you are in the steam group, once joining a game restart could be necessary. If this doesn't work it could be due to a bug/delay in the steam group. If you could provide any other information it would be a lot easier in helping you such as: Does it say you are in the steam group?

    Consider this accepted, you will be watched regularly to ensure you are not cheating. Any evidence of you cheating will result in a PERMANENT ban without the chance to appeal. Locked and moved.
  5. CLOSED Unbann ☁ n u a g e s ☁

    Locked and moved.
  6. CLOSED Jodar ban appeal

    @Jodar are you still banned or can I close and move this thread?
  7. i got ban, i dont know why

    Ban evasion is not tolerated. You can see out your ban.
  8. i got ban, i dont know why

    You were banned for reason: Wallhack Banned my admin: @TREX HDR -iwnl-
  9. ACCEPTED Ban Madspecs

    Seeing as you are not outright denying that you were "disrespecting" an admin I'd highly suggest instead of making a dispute apologize for your actions and I'm sure @JunioR will be more than happy to unban you. Goodluck with the appeal regardless.
  10. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Haven't replied to one of these in a while, great application and it looks like you have a good amount of experience. Good luck in your application.

    Please put your hours on public.

    It appears you were banned by @Lou I'm sure he will get back to you when he has time. If you could do us a favor and link us your profile (on PUBLIC) so we can evaluate it from there. Thanks, Beaver.
  13. Matchmaking

    There's often 10 mans organized in the community discord, just keep your eye open. A matchmaking system seems to me wasted as it requires an incredibly active playerbase and the same players to be constantly on.