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  1. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Is there anything else that you guys want me to talk about or mention?
  2. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Mainly EU but when I can't find an EU server with enough players I hop on UK. Ping is decent on both.
  3. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Ok awesome, i'll pm him right now
  4. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Forgot to check UK execute servers as well since i play on both. I have 7+ hours on UK server which make it 18+ hours total
  5. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    In Game Name: ∞ Andy ∞ Discord ID: Flameborn #1086 (tbh i am barely on discord and wasn't aware xgc had a server which is why i have not been active on it, but starting to be active would be a piece of cake) SteamID: Andy-8 Age: 19 Time zone: UTC +3 Beirut Playtime on CSGO: 2.5k+ (only on main, probs 2.8k total) Playtime on XGC Servers: 11 hrs+ Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? 1. If i were to be in a game or was told that someone was cheating. I would first start spectating him and when I felt that I was certian he is hacking i woud ban him. If I wasn't sure i would keep an eye on him and maybe ask another staff or admin for their opinion 2. In situations where someone is spamming mic or being vulgar and racist (which happens to me all the time btw), I would fist tell the player to stop and show them that it is against the rules to do so, and if they continue and dont stop i would temp ban and then if it happened again i would perma ban Past Experiences: I used to be a mod on a retakes server, It was back when i lived in SEA so i stopping being a mod when i moved (very long time ago can't remember the name) Why should we accept you? I think I would be a good staff member because I am on the executes servers a lot and because of my experience in csgo i would be able to have a good idea on wethersomeone is hacking or not. Also I am a very kind and calm person and usually tend to ignore flamers as I can never do anything about them but if i were staff i would be able to deal with them accordingly. Also I love your servers and I tried to get VIP a long time ago but was never able to as i do not have access to pay pal (if i could donate keys for it i would love that).