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  1. I do not know if only I have it, but I do not see the points on the servers. At first I thought I had mistaken the servers, but I did not. These points were fun, even if it was just for fun. : P
  2. This player is also toxic, as you can probably see in the picture above. https://steamcommunity.com/id/rektuuwa_/ He said "mati pedal matke sprzedal" This means that the player "Mati" gay sold the mother.
  3. Your SteamID (Click here): Players SteamID (Click here): What are you reporting him/her for? This player is very toxic, and despite ban warnings, he does not do anything. I have not met a toxic person like him yet, until I have no words. Ban him for good permanently, because such people do not change. Data & Time of event: It was today It was today between 20:30 and 22:50 Evidence: Please add the .tga format, because cs go it does ss in this format. Think now that to insert a few ss you have to further reformat them.
  4. CLOSED cheater 100% wh

    There was a problem with the movie, so I'm throwing it in again. Please add the option to delete posts, because it makes a small shit. : P
  5. CLOSED Legit cheats

    If I see it again, I will try it because somehow my current computer does not lose frames during recording. Does God want me to record cheaters and clean up the server?
  6. CLOSED cheater 100% wh

    Please wait, I just made a movie and I'll throw it in soon.
  7. CLOSED cheater 100% wh

    Your SteamID (Click here): Players SteamID (Click here): What are you reporting him/her for? This player uses wh of several games, at the beginning as I joined people wrote that he has wh noi, it turned out that he actually has a wh. I do not have a movie, as I wrote a weak pc, but I also do not like to waste my time, because why should I assume a topic if the guest were clean? Therefore, you should take this into account and take steps. It is currently in the game you can enter and see. In my opinion, the admin should enter the game and play, or add the option of reporting to the game, which will be easier. Remember, thanks to us servery will be better, because we lose time so that you can ban somebody, check it out. If it is important then the guest has a movement like he just started the game, and shoots and scans like a global. : D Data & Time of event: It was yesterday and today (today few minutes ago 20-21:20) Evidence:
  8. CLOSED Legit cheats

    Your SteamID (Click here): Players SteamID (Click here): What are you reporting him/her for? This player uses something in the style of wh and aim in the body. He often killed with prefire. There were situations that he was alone and yet he shot with the prefire and it EXACTLY into the body, never in the head. I watched his game and his movement around the map is at the sheriff's level. Someone with such movement has no right to shoot and in 90% of cases kill by shooting in the BODY, not in the head. In addition, he has 4k + hours on the account. Someone with such hours has no right to move as hopelessly on the map as he does, unless he plays only the community and uses illegal software. The results in each match 40-50 kills says it all. I would record everything, but on the current computer I have barely 150 fps and they are falling to 50 while recording. Please investigate and settle it as soon as possible because these players destroy the server. I apologize for my English, but this is not my basic language and I'm still learning. Data & Time of event: It was today 09.04.2018 about an hour 10:30-12.25 Evidence: As I wrote, my comp does not currently allow me to make a movie, but I will try to get a better computer in the future. What's more, I can write that on that day I was not the only person who noticed these cases of illegal software abuse.