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  1. CLOSED 2 Cheaters that are friends

  2. CLOSED 2 Cheaters that are friends

    The video has no audio for some reason but is still clear proof of them cheating. will link it here in 15 minutes @Hv^
  3. CLOSED 2 Cheaters that are friends

    Edit: The "josh" guy doesnt have a good inventory. just a picture that he made look like it was an item showcase lol
  4. CLOSED 2 Cheaters that are friends

    They said they were changing server so im not sure now but im sure their still online. Il start looking thru servers to see if their on any.
  5. Found 2 cheaters today on your servers (i have a recording of 2 games of them blatanly cheating with the audio of one of them telling me thru walls where they were) I really hope you could ban these guys cos it completely ruined the experience. The second profile (josh) is most likely a scammer/ duplicator due to his thousands of euros inventory. Here are their steam profiles: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hstrryt/ https://steamcommunity.com/id/20c/