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  1. CLOSED signing for the mod application

    As @Hv^stated you need to use the correct format for applications, you are more than welcome to open a new one but this one will be closed since it is not using the correct format. - VoXzE
  2. CLOSED Application for MOD\ADMIN. (adv; - Tal)

    I agree with @Hv^ I can't tell if you're being serious in this application, We also cant see any hours on your profile since you have it hidden. We also need more detail in each scenario not just "If I saw someone start trolls I would just throw him out of the server.", feel free to open a new and more detailed application but we will have to close this one..
  3. Global Rules 1. We have a 0-tolerance policy for injecting, cheating, scripting or using any found exploits for an unfair advantage over other players in the community. If you’re caught breaking this rule it will result in an immediate ban 2. Ghosting once you die is not allowed at all on any of our servers even if you’re friends with them online. If you’re caught breaking this rule it will result in a 24-hour ban. 3. In this community you’re expected to act mature and respectful towards our players in the servers at all times, do not disrespect XGC’s staff, or players in the server. If you’re caught breaking this rule you will be temporarily muted for an hour if you keep going on it will be extended to a 24-hour ban. 4. Any sexual harassment, racism, prejudice behavior of any form is not allowed at all. If you’re caught breaking this rule you will be temporarily muted for an hour if you keep going on it will be extended to a 24-hour ban. 5. Do not spam the mic, text, or radio chat commands at all while being on our servers. If you’re caught breaking this rule you will be temporarily muted for an hour if you keep going on it will be extended to a 24-hour ban. 6. Do not advertise any other server/community only links allowed are XGC’s official links, and big platforms such as twitch, youtube, steamcommunity. 7. Users will not be allowed to use VPNs, proxies, etc to connect to XGC servers. 8. If you see someone breaking rules and there are no admins online please take either a screenshot, video, or any other form of proof you can post on the forum for staff to see it later. Forum Rules 1. Spamming – If you’re caught spamming threads on our website such as (Ban Appeals, Staff Applications, or just non-sense) you will get a warning on your account and the threads will be removed. If you continue to spam on the forums you will be permanently banned from using the website. 2. False Reports/Abuse – If you’re caught abusing the forums or posting false reports just because you’re mad/tilted you will be warned and if you continue you will be banned from using the website. 3. Racism/ Discrimination – If you’re caught being racist or discriminating against any members on the forum either via Website PM, posts, comments. You will be immediately banned from the website. 4. DDOS/Dox Threats – Any DDOS or Dox threats made via our website will result in immediate ban. 5. NSFW content - Any NSFW content posted on the website will result in an immediate ban. Donations & Chargeback A. All donations go through our donation system (http://xeno-gaming.co.uk/store) or [email protected] We will never ask you to send money to any other email address. B. All Donations/Payments are final any charge-back, payment reverse, or convincing other members not to donate for any reason is a bannable offense. If you charge-back, reverse payment you will be automatically banned from servers. C. Donations will not bend the rules for you meaning if you break any rules you will still be treated as a normal member of the community. D. Once the payment is complete, you acknowledge that your payments are final, and you cannot charge back under any circumstance (As agreed in our TOS upon signing up to the forums; which can be viewed here)
  4. Forum Rules Section

    Good post I'll be working on better Rules, Procedures, and Ethics list soon I will also send you over a draft for feedback on it
  5. Hi my name Tea

    hi name is voxze i am a hotty i get thotties
  6. CLOSED Mars / dez^ for ADMIN

    Application denied did not me the requirements we're looking for, you can apply again in 2 weeks. Thanks in advance!
  7. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    All months have 28 days but February has ONLY 28 days but every 4 years there is a leap day it goes up to 29 days
  8. CLOSED Pedro Staff Application

    Application denied! You didn't use the correct format, feel free making a new post with the following format found
  9. ACCEPTED Tea's mod app

  10. ACCEPTED Aphix_ Admin Application

  11. ACCEPTED Aphix_ Admin Application

    I agree with @JunioR, a couple months ago you were a little sketchy and i felt that you were cheating but since you were never "caught" It shouldn't affect your application until then. Application is very descriptive and solid. - VoXzE
  12. ACCEPTED voX's App

    I feel like we have something in common but i just can't put my finger on it