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    Thanks For the response haha yeah my english isnt the best yeah i play on the servers alot (executes) the most
  2. In Game Name:Jackle Discord ID:Jackle#1068 SteamID: STEAM_0:0:188785399 Age: im 16 Time zone: UK GMT +1 Playtime on CSGO:i have arround 170Hours CSGO But i was banned on my main account for griefing in Matchmaking http://steamcommunity.com/id/JackleCS Which doesn't look good id rather say it than you guys finding it out and that account has 674 Hours on i play at least 6hours of csgo a day and most of that is esea and XGC servers to warmup to play csgo because the executes servers are the best out there Playtime on XGC Servers:i have around 17 hours on the server as i play alot to warmup and fun games with friends Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do? Scenario 1 - If a guy was being racist towards another player or in general in chat i would politely ask them to stop with the racism if they continued saying the racial slurs i would mute / Gag them for 10 Minutes and if they stopped after that everyone's happy but if he carry's on saying racial slurs he would be muted for 30 minutes because i think everyone deserves 3 chances at everything but if it carry's on i think a 24hour ban we be fair enough Scenario 2 - if i thought a guy was cheating on the servers i wouldn't call him out in chat because that might make him stop cheating and if he is cheating that is bad because if he leaves i wouldn't have sufficient proof he was cheating so i would watch him for a while let him play if he goes blatant e.g Spinbot, Obvious Aimbot / Wallhacks Then that would be a instant perm Ban but if he was just trying to act it off and play legit ish then i would go into spectate mode watch how he plays with x-ray on and see what he aims at (through walls) like close to players pre firing uncommon corners or through smokes or see if his aim is snappy if there are twitches constant while hes shooting someone that maybe be a case of Aim assist but if i dont think hes hacking i would ask a higher staff to watch him and see what he has to say so the false bans are to a minimum Past Experiences:i dont have any past experience with staffing on a csgo server im not going to lie Why should we accept you?you should accept me because i want to see the servers improve like less cheaters and less toxicity around the community and im very active on csgo and on discord which is the best place to contact me Thanks for reading it have a good Christmas -Jackle