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  1. Hi my name mono

    Hello mono nice profile pic my guy
  2. +1 nice application dude, just pop into discord so we can get to know you good luck -Tea
  3. CLOSED hicksey

    The reason for the ban was he said ‘N****er help’ in chat, the ban is for a day, as racism is not allow on our servers. -Tea
  4. CLOSED Staff Application

    What do you mean by minor rules breaking? If someone is mic spamming give them the warnings but don’t ban then just a 30min mute will do, and if they persist mic spamming after the 30mins have elapsed then an 1hour ban would be the max punishment. Also racism isn’t a mute it’s a ban -Tea
  5. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Thank you for applying, very nice app with lots of detail in both scenarios. +1 like hv said just pop into discord -Tea
  6. ACCEPTED bevve's Staff Application

    Very nice app, seem like a nice person In your past experience you mention you been staff on some EU retakes have you got any evidence of this? Thank you for applying -Tea
  7. ACCEPTED [Staff Application ] Aicha

    +1 Good app with nice detail
  8. ACCEPTED Staff Application

    Hi Andy thank you for taking the time to apply for staff, your scenarios are good. If you still want VIP on the servers on discord pm Scotty and tell him you can give him keys for vip he'll sort something out. Good luck, -Tea
  9. CLOSED Mod

    ^ Not really the thing to be posting on someones mod application. Thank you Maxi for the application one of the senior staff will reply shortly. Good luck -Tea
  10. CLOSED Report My @ng3l

    Can you submit any actual evidence i.e a video
  11. CLOSED L0rex Mod apply

    What are asking is for you to provide evidence for you claim of playing on the severs for over a week,. You have provided evidence for 5hours of play time on the severs, we’d like to see evidence of you playing for 7 days which is 168 hours.
  12. CLOSED Anxrchyx's Mod Application

    -1 had to mute you for admin disrespect today as you ignored my request twice and was then toxic towards me.
  13. Hi my name Tea

    Hi i tea men
  14. ACCEPTED Tea's mod app

    Ty scotty