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Staff Application Template

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Before applying for staff:

  1.  Be active on our discord server. There is no point in giving someone staff that doesn't try to interact with other members and staff.
  2.  We expect applicants to have at least 24 hours game time on our servers prior to applying, this shows that you've been with us for a while
  3.  Having around 750 hours of game time in CSGO, we feel as if the longer you've played the game you'll develop a better understanding of cheats.
  4.  We do not currently have an age restriction for our staff team, if you can prove to us that you're mature that will do fine.
  5.  If you're a VIP, it will increase your chances as it shows you really do want to see the community grow and develop. 
  6.  We like our staff members to be active of a suitable amount, so if you don't play regularly your chances of being accepted will go down.
  7.  Try to record any players for whatever reason before you ban them, so if they dispute you have evidence against them.
  8.  DO NOT LIE IN YOUR APPLICATION! If you have found to be lying, you will be denied and revoked from applying ever again.

Please follow this template otherwise your application will be automatically declined.

In-Game Name: 

Steam ID (Click Here)

Discord ID: 


Time Zone (GMT):

Region (UK or EU): 

Playtime on CSGO:

Playtime on XGC Servers (Click here):

Past Experiences: 

What are your typical hours per week on our servers?: 

Do you have a functioning microphone and/or headset? 

Detailed Questions:

Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do?


What skills do you have that may contribute to our community?






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