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SatsuJ Staff Application

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In Game Name:


Discord ID:







Time zone:

GMT +2

Playtime on CSGO:

1,3k. hrs. on main account.

1 k. hrs. on alt account (http://steamcommunity.com/id/donorkus/

Playtime on XGC Servers:

21 Hours on UK Retakes

5 Hours on UK Executes

Describe  in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do?


If I would suspect player was cheating , I would start by starting to spectate him and observing whether he has cheats. If my suspicions would prove correct - I would start recording him for few rounds and would send a video proof to an admin / owner after banning him from the server.

Mic Spamming / Chat spamming

If a player would start spamming either his mic or in chat , I would start by starting a recording and asking him to stop for a few times. If the issue would persist I would kick him from the server.

Past Experiences:

I've no experience in being Staff. 

I've a got a bit of experience in organizing tournaments / helping with organizing. 

Why should we accept you?

Well , first of all I'm pretty active in retakes/executes seeing as I warmup there which will make it easier to check for cheaters , toxic players or other rule  breaking people and deal with them.

Another reason you should accept me is that I will never refuse to help people with any problems they're having in regards with the server.


Thank you for taking time reading my application and I hope you'll accept me  ,SatsuJ

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I see it is your second time applying and that you have the correct amount of hours needed!

Don't have anything to say about this, good luck!

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I recall playing with you a few times, You seem like a really friendly person and with that amount of hours I believe you would make a good admin

Good Luck!


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Application Accepted! 

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