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New application - think something went wrong last time

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Last time I got called out for not having enough hours on the servers. When I clearly have 80 hours in total, and the requirement is 24.

In-Game Name: Nick

Steam ID (Click Here)https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055303229/

Discord ID: Nick!#1757

Age: 16

Time Zone (GMT): GMT +1

Region (UK or EU): EU but also play on the UK servers.

Playtime on CSGO: 4000-5000 hours on multiple accounts

Playtime on XGC Servers (Click here): 80 hours in total, and rising pretty quickly, I've also bought VIP for 4 months ago.

Past Experiences: I've been staff on a lot of different smaller servers, which have gone to the ground by now.

What are your typical hours per week on our servers?: 20+

Do you have a functioning microphone and/or headset? Yes certainly do.

Detailed Questions:

Describe in detail two scenarios involving a user breaking the rules. What would you do?

First scenario: Mic spam

From my experience, this happens quite often on the servers. Breathing heavily, Loud speaking, or just playing music, in general, can be quite frustrating for the people who are actually on the server to improve. In this situation, I will always try to tell them to either stop or turn their microphone off. I Would try to make a fair decision when it comes to the time they have to be muted.

Second scenario: Cheating

Usually, I don't see this on the server but do have quite a lot of experience with it. I have seen a lot of overwatch demos of cheaters and such. This can be very hard to see sometimes, but usually, I would try to record any signs of cheating and have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt before making my decision.

What skills do you have that may contribute to our community?

I have been staff on a couple of smaller servers for a longer period of time. I know when I see a cheater because I have tons of experience. I hope I can do XGC a better community, and a better gaming experience for everyone.

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Thank you for applying, nice application with a good amount of detail, I've seen your in our discord and being active within it. My advice is just keeping playing on the servers and keeping active on the discord.

Good luck buddy


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Why should we accept you over everyone else?

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