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• Added support for the new operation weapon knifes and skins to !ws
• Added customisable icons that you can buy via !store to show on the scoreboard next to your name. Prices are 2500 credits per icon. (example below)

• Added the new Operation Shattered Web player models to our in-game !store. Prices start at 5000credits and work their way up increments of 5k depending on the rarity class of the model.

• Added a secret new feature that I am not going to release details for. 😀

• Improved performance across all dedicated servers.


• Temporarily removed our extended kill feed addon which allowed for smoke, flash and other types of kills to be acknolewdged. We will add this back in once we have a fix for it

• Removed all servers with the, and replaced it with a new, better performing servers. (Hopefully this will minimise the var spikes that users were experiencing on these specific servers)

• Fixed an issue where expired bans were not getting removed.


• I plan on releasing an update version of executes in the coming weeks with completely revamped nade allocation for all maps. I am about 70% done with this so far, and would like to finish them all before releasing the update.

• If you notice a "$" appear in the execute message that pops up on your screen at the start of the round, then please ignore it as we cannot remove it due to the previous update.

Thank you for your patience over the last two days while I fixed the servers and pushed out some new updates, I appreciate it.

If you encounter any bugs with the new update, then please report them in our discord so we can fix them ASAP.




Store: https://store.xeno-gaming.co.uk

Discord: https://discord.gg/CarQgvm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/XGCServers