Xeno-Gaming – Warmup Properly

Join the #1 Growing CSGO community with over 40+ Active servers and a large variety of game modes, including our exclusive Executable servers to help train your communication and teamwork. Launched in 2016, we have been consistently growing at an exponential rate. Whether you’re a casual player, hardcore 18 hour a day gamer, Xeno Gaming is here to cater for you. Checkout our exclusive Partnership program for the content creators out there.

Our In-Game Store

We're constantly working to update our in-game store, adding new models and items reguarly. The are plenty of ways to earn credits for these items.

CT Models

CT Helga
CT Leon
CT SAS William

T Models

T Emma
T Gunslinger
T Pink Pheonix
T leet

Knife Skins

Our knife skins are 100% viewable when specatating, however some may look like default when viewing thirdperson due to a WorldModel issue. We're currently working to fix this in the next few months.

Stone Axe
Unknown Knife
Candy Cane
Volcanic Axe
Kung Fu Fists
CSS Classic Knife
Tri-Blade (Black)
Night Blade
Screw Driver
Tri-Blade (Steel)
Fidget Spinner
Bear Grills