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Join the #1 Growing CSGO community with over 40+ Active servers and a large variety of game modes, including our exclusive Executable servers to help train your communication and teamwork. Launched in 2016, we have been consistently growing at an exponential rate. Whether you’re a casual player, hardcore 18 hour a day gamer, Xeno Gaming is here to cater for you. Checkout our exclusive Partnership program for the content creators out there.

VIP Packages Changes – Monthly Based System

Xeno-Gaming has grown quicker than we ever imagined, and we thank all of you for that. We want to offer consistent and new services, and the current VIP model doesn’t allow us to do this, so we’ve decided to evolve and upgrade our in-game store and offer new VIP Packages.From the 2nd of March, all of our existing packages will be changing to a monthly subscription-based service, as opposed to the current permanent format. Prices and Perks are changing to reflect this, and will be more rewarding.In order to compensate those who purchased the £5 VIP package, you will receive a complimentary upgrade to 2-months of the below ‘The VIP’ Package.All of those who purchased the £10 VIP+ package will receive the Permanent Reserved Slot package on our CSGO Servers, seeing as that is the value you previously paid. However as the Credits have been reset in the server, no additional items have been added to this.

  • CSGO Reserved Slot (£9.99) (Permanent)
  • CSGO VIP Package (£3.50 per month)
  • CSGO Professional Package (£4.99 per month)
  • CSGO The Global Elite Package (£8.99 per month)

Other packages are available, and discounts apply to quarterly subscriptions, so please checkout the Store for more details on the package. Purchases exclusive titles, models and more that will be updated every month!https://store.xeno-gaming.co.ukIf you have any questions, please contact us via our Discord server; https://discord.gg/CyHPzh6